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Beaver Sugar Wax

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What is it:
Sugaring has been used as a form of hair removal dating back to ancient Egyptian times and was reportedly used by Cleopatra who fancied silky smooth skin back in the day! Sugaring is quick, safe, and effective and lets you take care of unwanted hair any time anywhere.
One container of Beaver Sugar goes a long way and is a very economical form of hair removal.

Sugaring removes hair at the root which results in long-lasting silky smooth skin. Regular sugaring can result in hair that grows back finer and more sparse over time.

Beaver Sugar is made from all-natural ingredients including Canadian Maple Sugar which gives the product a delicious natural maple fragrance. Sugaring is safe for use even on sensitive skin and can be used on any part of the body where there is unwanted hair. Beaver Sugar is cruelty-free and never tested on animals. Beaver Sugar is WATER SOLUBLE and cleans up quickly with water.

Ingredients: Sugar, Maple Sugar, Lemon juice, Water


1. Heat Beaver Sugar in the microwave for a few seconds. Do Not heat the product for more than ten seconds. Please microwave for less time if you have used the product already and there is less product in the container. You want the product to be slightly warm but NEVERhot. Ensure you are working in sanitary conditions and please wash your hands! Remove a small amount of product and get ready to have smooth, hair-free skin!
2. Hair should be at least 1/8” of an inch long for sugar to stick to the hair but not more than 1/2" long. If the hair is too long please trim prior to sugaring.
3. Make sure your skin is clean, dry, and free of lotion. To ensure that your skin is completely dry you can apply a very light dusting of powder to the area you are planning to sugar. You can use powder you have on hand such as cornstarch or baby powder. This can help the sugar adhere to the hair. The consistency of sugar is affected by body and room temperature so we recommend sugaring in a cool room or using a fan if necessary.
4. Use the applicator to apply the product AGAINST the direction of hair growth. If you don’t mind getting sticky then you can spread the paste using your fingertips to smooth the product firmly against the direction that your hair grows about three times. Take your time spreading the product and do not rush this part! Imagine that you are trying to spread the paste into your hair follicles.
5. Take a clean strip and apply it firmly to the paste, spreading it with the palm of your hand. Now, pull the skin taut, take a deep breath and quickly pull the strip off in the DIRECTION that your hair grows. Be sure to pull parallel to the skin. Remove the strip quickly like pulling off a bandage. Do not pull up or this could result in bruising. You will see the hair stuck to the sugar so you can admire the fruits of your labour! Proceed in this manner until all unwanted hair is removed.
● The strips can be cleaned in warm water and reused several times.


Once you get comfortable working with the product you might want to try sugaring the way it is done by the pros which involves using the “flick” to remove the sugar rather than using strips. If you wish to try this method, apply the product against the direction of hair growth and smooth the product firmly against the skin three times then smooth slightly past where you have applied the product and using your finger tips quickly flick the product in the direction of hair growth parallel to the skin. Using the flick method you can continue to use the same ball of product until you notice the consistency change. The hair you are removing will gather up in the sticky ball which is discarded after use. If the product gets too sticky to flick off just use one of the strips to remove the product. This method is generally reserved for the pros but will result in your product lasting longer as the same ball can be used over and over whereas with the strips fresh product is applied each time. Like anything, there is a learning curve when trying something new. Have fun, get sticky and enjoy your sugaring experience!


Beaver Sugar is WATER SOLUBLE and cleans up easily with water. You may experience temporary redness and irritation following sugaring. You can follow sugaring with some pure aloe vera or witch hazel to soothe the skin. Avoid hot showers, saunas, exfoliation, and friction on the area for 24-48 hours. It is recommended to wear loose clothing following sugaring. Please keep the area clean. Exfoliate gently 2-3 times per week but avoid exfoliating the day before you plan to sugar.


It is recommended to do a patch test prior to using the product particularly if you have very sensitive skin. Do not use the product if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients. Please avoid sugaring if you are taking Accutane or Steroid medications or if you are applying Retinol or Vitamin C on your skin. If you have any skin irritations such as sores, blemishes, sunburn, or irritation of any kind please do not sugar. If you have a medical condition or if you are pregnant please consult with your physician prior to sugaring.  Please keep the product out of reach of children. While Beaver Sugar contains food-grade ingredients please do not eat the product. Do not overheat the product. Beaver Sugar should NOT be applied to the body when it is hot or it could result in burns